I’m Back and I Need Your Help!

Hello my friends! I am finally back and I have so much to share with all of you! It feels like I was gone for months! Let me tell you, it was extremely difficult to not blog while I was in Maryland! I was going through a bit of withdrawal! We had a great visit with Josie, but it really flew by. Time with her always goes so fast, and time without her always goes so slow. We will talk later but right now I need some help!

I finally got a computer! That’s right, no more blogging from an Ipad. (thank goodness) I can’t wait to get back to blogging regularly, and on a laptop at that! Now I have to get my site set up and I literally have no idea where to start. I really would like to get my page looking a little better for everyone. I feel like right now it is hard to navigate. Does anyone have any feedback they could give me on the look of my page right now? I need to make some changes, and I would love your input! After all, you my good people are the ones who read my ramblings! Any layout ideas? Anything I need that I don’t have? I don’t have any “plug-ins.” Do any of you use “plug-ins?” Which ones do you like? Do any of you use “grammarly?” I know what you are thinking! I am clueless! Please help!


38 thoughts on “I’m Back and I Need Your Help!

  1. I didn’t really understand it either but just keep playing with it. I would work on it at night so that if I totally messed up my page only a few people would know! Look at others pages and see what you like and try to make it your own. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hi, Julia (my wife) asked me to look at this for you because I designed/programmed her websites for her. http://www.juliabonnerfintess.com

    I think it all depends on what you site is all about and your vision of what you wanted it to be. Do you want static pages and a tab for the blog posts? Do you want just blog posts? Do you want to have separate tabs for the type of blog posts you are making (recipes, motivational, workouts, ect…)

    Some basic plugins could include Wordfence (security), Yost SEO, Jetpack and so on. I think you should checkout wordpress.org and search for some plugins and/or themes that you might be interested in for you specific goals in mind. For example, I wanted a nice recipe plugin so I used WP Ultimate Recipe and love it. Some plugins can be trial and error to see what you like, there are so many of the same types of plugins out there. I like to look for ones that have not only good reviews but also good support and maintenance. Some plugins are free and great, some offer free versions but have paid versions too. Always try out the free versions first to see if you like it and to see if you really need the pro version features.

    Also, always make a backup of your site before adding plugins as sometimes they could have conflicts and cause the site to crash when installing them. I only had this happen one time and it was my fault because the plugin was untested for my version of wordpress. The backup saved me to say the least!

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    1. Thank you for your input! I think the problem is I am on wordpress.com? I think I was confused and thought that I needed plugins but I think in order to have plugins I would need to be on the .org? Does that sound right? It is silly how clueless I am…I cant even figure out how to add a menu bar to the top of my page. right now they are on the sides and I have been told it makes it hard to navigate?

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      1. The menu bar is theme based. So you can look at different themes to see what you think. There are only so many themes available for the free package and I believe if you pay for the upgrade you have much more to choose from. I’m not sure if you can add plugins on the upgraded plan or not but if you have a stand alone wordpress site, meaning you have a server or host where you install your own copy of wordpress, then you can add plugins from wordpress.org.

        I have two sites running, juliabonnerfitness.com (a stand alone site) and juliabonnerfitness.wordpress.com (a free package from wordpress.com). If you look at the two you will see they are very similar but different at the same time. The content is the same but the stand alone site (juliabonnerfitness.com) has much more flexibility and capability ready to go that I can turn on at the flip switch.

        In short if you are look for a menu bar at the top you will need to change the theme of your site. You can probably keep the same look and feel that you have but simple have a menu bar across the top.

        Once you have the theme you like you can change the menu bar by click on the customize button next to themes or the menu option of the admin area of “My Sites” of wordpress.com.

        Hope this helps…

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  3. Huzzah! My 2nd favourite blogger is back! (I’m my favourite blogger. Don’t worry.)

    Bad jokes apart, I’m so glad that you’ve had a great time at Maryland, and that you’ve got a new laptop! Good news is always welcome.

    As for your website, I think it’s just OK. A month ago I thought that you had to change your landing site, but now that I know your site well, I’ve noticed that since your blog is some sort of diary where you place your thoughts (self-reflection) and your wonderful pieces of art, it’s just fine. I cannot say anything about plugins since I use WordPress’ free plan. Duh.

    Oh, and I do use Grammarly. It’s a great app, the fact that I can look up the definition of a word simply by double-clicking on it is wonderful, and the spellcheck function is excellent as well. However, it has its flaws contextualizing some stuff, and when I’m writing stories I get like 6 or 7 mistakes per post which aren’t, mostly with the use of commas. If you don’t want to use the app for some reason, just having Merriam-Webster open somewhere and double-checking each post before you publish it will do the job.

    Happy blogging!


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    1. D!! Ok so I actually have wanted to change the way my blog looks like a diary because I have been told by others, it is hard to navigate? But because I was only working from an ipad, it wouldn’t let me change things. Now that I have this amazing laptop at my fingertips (pun intended…haha the bad jokes keep coming) I can’t figure out how to change it! I cant even figure out how to put a menu up top instead of on the sides! oh and I have wordpress free also lol so i suppose that is why i cant figure plugins out? I may be the biggest computer idiot in the world. don’t judge me. But anyway you think my layout is ok like a diary? I just wish there was a way to separate my posts? And I would love to have a separate section one day down the road for other things? Should I hire someone to help me?

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      1. Oh no, more bad jokes! Run! Hide your wives and children! Lol.

        To be honest, probably Josie’s soulmate knows far more than I do – but to keep content organized, tidy and easy to navigate, I’ve placed a menu in the upper part of the site from where you can choose where you want to go, like this: http://imgur.com/7vxi8IL and well, the result, you can check it out at my page. Are you able to do that on your page with your current theme?

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  4. I use Grammarly and I’m pretty happy with it. Occasionally the suggestions are off, but overall I think it’s worth the spend. I use a couple widgets that I like: categories, search, archives, and social media icons. Figuring it out as I go along! You can google pretty much any widget for wordpress and get a tutorial. Have fun with it!

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  5. I haven’t used plugins but I have divided my posts into categories. I’m still trying to get more into it. If you look at my page you can see how I have it. I used a WordPress layout as well and added pics.

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  6. I just put Grammarly on my Google Chrome and it does work wonders with my grammar. The only thing I don’t like is it may double your paragraphs sometimes. So, you have to read through and make sure there are no duplicate words.

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  7. Would be happy to see any future blogs about what you’ve learned. I’m relatively new to WordPress myself and have figured out some widgets, but I know I have a long way to go. I get stressed out sometimes feeling like I need to get it all right as soon as possible, but trying to push myself to just focus on blogging for now and I’ll get to the widgets and doo-dads eventually!

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