Two Days Sick Is Too Long


DAY 14

I was sick as a dog for two entire days

Confined to a bed, much to my dismay

I laid there and tried so hard to get rest

I listened as my husband did his very best

It seemed like there was a war zone downstairs, there were all kinds of sounds

Perhaps two days is too long, to not have Mom around

I could tell my husband was in over his head

Slowly but surely, I crept out of bed

I stepped into the hallway, and tripped over a doll

Luckily, a giant stuffed bear broke my fall

Once downstairs, I realized this was a code RED

If I had known sooner, I would not have stayed in bed

I saw my house in complete disarray

It was enough of a disaster to turn anyone’s hair gray

The walls were scribbled with blue and green

The amount of toys was just obscene

There were sippy cups galore

And dirty clothes all over the floor

The dishes in the sink were piled high

My kitchen literally looked like a pigsty

There was so much laundry that had to be done

I even considered buying new clothes for everyone 

Finally, our eyes met and I could tell he was tired

But that didn’t matter, both toddlers were wired

Izabelle had colored herself from head to toe

Using every single color of the rainbow

Chloe wore dress up clothes and was very proud

She was dancing, singing, and being loud

In the midst of it all, I couldn’t help but laugh

I imagined the chaos he had endured on my behalf

I assured him, I would take over from here

He said “thank you” and was very sincere

My husband is strong, but he is only a man

No one can tackle this house quite like MOM can


13 thoughts on “Two Days Sick Is Too Long

  1. It’s a stay at home parent thing more than a mom thing. In my home, I’m the one who stays home and mom works full-time. If I am out of commission, the same thing happens to our house and kids as it did to yours.

    Feeling better? Are the kids back to their right colors?

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  2. OMGoodness…this brought back memories. My three roudies are all grown up now, but I remember those days and your poem expresses it so vividly. Especially the noises! Thank you for reminding me and all 5 of my senses! Hang in there, girl. Sounds like your doing a great job.

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