I’m Sick!

This will be a short post. Turns out I have strep throat. Go me. My house is literally falling apart as I write this. My kids are running around like wild children. One of them doesn’t even have pants on. You should see the dishes piled high in the sink. My house looks like I have not done one thing all week, when in fact it has only been one day! Ugh. Say a prayer for me. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.



49 thoughts on “I’m Sick!

  1. Omg not good I Have felt your pain when my kids were little I had the flu and nothing was getting me off that couch… lets see they watched a lot of tv thank and toys were scattered every where,thank god my daughter was old enough to get cereal for her and her brother lol my husband had taken several days of his sick time to help me but they needed him back at work, so yeah so not fun… feel better soon. lot’s of liquids

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