Life Can Be Taken In An Instant


DAY 12


I am not an overly religious person. You will not find me sitting in church every Sunday, and you will not catch me at any type of Bible study either. Although I may not be praying in a church on Sunday’s, I will most definitely be praying in my home EVERYDAY. I may not go to church, but I guarantee you, I am a woman of faith. I have strong convictions. I believe in God. I believe in God’s miracles because I have witnessed them many times in my own life. A few days ago, I wrote about coming close to death. ( you can read it if you like, just click the link)  I believe with all of my heart that God put an angel in my life at just the right time in order to save me. Not only has God saved my life, he has saved my daughter’s life THREE times. Not once, not twice, THREE times. 


I have four children. They are each amazing, and they mean everything to me. Lily is going to be six on Monday. Lily is a miracle. As most of you already know, when I was pregnant with Lily, I was violently ill. I was hospitalized at six weeks, and I remember th Doctor telling me it was ok to consider having an abortion. My HCG levels were through the roof and my sickness was only going to get worse. And did it ever! I prayed everyday and I never lost hope. Eventually they sent me home with a feeding tube, a zofran pump, and a special nurse to care for me at home. I was five months along when it happened. We were on our way to a routine doctors visit. I was driving, and my husband was in the passenger seat. It started to rain. Within seconds after the rain first hit the pavement, we hydroplaned. I lost complete control of my vehicle. We spun three times, and flipped into a ditch. My side of the car smashed into a large streetlight so hard that it came crashing to the ground. Glass was everywhere. Every single window in my tiny car was shattered. The smell of gasoline lingered in the air. My husband was yelling at me, but I couldn’t hear him. My ears were ringing, and I was hyperventilating. Eventually I heard the words, “We need to get out NOW!” I was frozen. He forced his door open and yanked me out. I couldn’t walk. My legs were so weak, they felt like Jello. I fell to the ground crying, “My baby,” as my husband flagged down the first vehicle heading our direction. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, at least not about anything except my daughter growing inside of my belly. It was pouring down rain. We were soaking wet, water was dripping down my cheeks, masking my tears. The stranger who stopped to help us lifted me into his truck, where I stayed until paramedics arrived. I was a wreck. All I could think was “Will my baby live through this?”

At the hospital, all we kept hearing was how lucky we were. My car was totaled and we both walked away with only bruises and sore bodies. I just wanted everyone to shut up and tell me if my baby was ok. Yet no one could give us any answers. The best they could do was inform us that we would know within the next 12 hours if she would make it or not. At five months gestation if something traumatic happens, they cannot save the baby. What!? This was not good enough! I wanted answers! I needed to know NOW! Still we had to wait, and the next 12 hours were the longest, scariest of my life. I prayed the entire time. I held my belly, I sobbed, and I prayed. My Lily is a fighter. She made it. She was born premature at 34 weeks. She initially had trouble breathing on her own, and she spent two days in the NICU. She weighed a mere 4 pounds when we left the hospital. Her middle name is Faith, and with good reason. God had his hands on me the entire time I carried her. He watched over our baby and kept her safe. Little did we know, this miracle involving Lily would not be the last.

I have much more to write. I have a story to tell. I can’t wait to share with you the second and third time Gid saved my Lily’s life. I feel like I should stop here for now. This is getting a bit emotional for me, and it is getting a bit long for you. I will continue this miraculous post tomorrow. I hope you will come back and read the rest of my testimony.


17 thoughts on “Life Can Be Taken In An Instant

  1. This is so scary just to read! I can just imagine your memories of it must be so traumatic. I’m so sorry to read about your horrible ordeal. All those hours not knowing if your baby was ok must have been agony. But I’m so thankful to read that you are all ok and your baby turned out to be perfect! She’s so beautiful! I love her smile. She looks so confident! I hope she will always keep that confidence! ❤

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  2. I am literally sobbing, Rachel. God has a plan for that sweet girl! And as a writer, you tell it well. I couldn’t stop reading. I am so glad you shared. It’s a good thing to “talk” about those emotions when they hit. By the way….I had hyperemesis in two of my five pregnancies. It’s always fascinating to meet someone else because most people don’t understand it. Everyone gives their advice on what you should eat or drink to help you during it, and it’s maddening because they don’t understand what it is.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading Melissa! I can not wait to tell the rest of her story. I have kept my emotions in for years. It feels so good to form things into words. This is part of my healing process i suppose. Hyperemesis is awful. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Bless you for having to endure it.

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    1. Thanks so much for following Kim. Writing has been a powerful release but it wouldn’t be as powerful if I didn’t have people like you joining me and giving me positive feedback. Having a voice is one thing, but knowing your voice is being heard is life changing. So thanks again girl!

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      1. No thanks required! I completely agree with your sentiments. Having feedback from others gives us the validation to continue with self exploration, in a supportive environment. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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  3. This is like a movie turned into a real life situation – and you were pregnant for goodness’ sake! I have no idea how you endured those tragedies in you life but I must say that you are a very strong woman. You never give up on something you love. That is the reason why God also never gave up on you.

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  4. Been reading through your stories and I love how strong your faith is despite all that has happened. So many people turn away from God when life gets tough, but you seem to embrace God even more. I am so thankful to hear that your daughter is okay…. you’ve been through so much.

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  5. Rachel! You’ve been through so much and have been blessed with so much more! 🙂 So thankful you are here to tell your story with Lily right by your side!

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