No Words Wednesday

I hate the way Wednesday is spelled. They should seriously consider changing it. 


29 thoughts on “No Words Wednesday

  1. I suggest replacing ‘Wednesday’ with ‘Pancakeday’. Think about it: everyone would prepare pancakes for breakfast, and who doesn’t like pancakes?! It would be a great start!

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      1. I always just start writing eventually the words come. Then, I read, edit, re-read, re-edit. I hope this makes sense &, more importantly, that it helps. Your previous posts have excellent. Lori

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  2. Am I the only one that still, to this day, must sound the spelling of Wednesday out in my mind when I type or write it?
    WTF? Too much work.
    It would be much easier as “MiddleOfTheWeekDepressingDayOfNotBeingTheWeekendYetScrewYou.”

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  3. Suggestion: Pizza Day.
    And because I’m a student, I usually hate the day since it was in the freaking middle part of the week and I still need to struggle listening to my Trigonometry teacher about how cosine is related to a secant. Why can’t it just all be Friday?

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