What I Have Learned My First Week As A Blogger





I started my blog as an outlet.  I wanted a way to express myself, and a way to escape the pressures of my daily life.  I wanted to record my journey in the hopes that one day, it would help others.  I have only just begun, and the amount of support I have received is astounding.  There is a community here, within these virtual walls.  There are people from all walks of life, and they are all telling their stories.  I have already made so many wonderful connections, and the amazing thing is, there are still infinite connections to be made.  I wanted to inspire others, but I didn’t realize how much OTHERS would actually inspire me.


Every single person in this world I struggling in some way.  We have no idea what hardships others are facing or have faced.  When we are the ones hurting, it always seems like it is the worst, unbearable even.  But the truth is, no matter what we are dealing with in our own lives, there is always someone out there who is experiencing or has experienced more pain than we could ever fathom.  Maybe we should try to have this mindset a little more.  As humans in general, we should be more compassionate.  There are mothers, husbands, fathers, and children fighting cancer.  There are people facing addiction, depression, the loss of a child, even the loss of their home.  There are blind people who will never see the sunset, and deaf people who will never hear the birds sing.  I could go on, but you get the picture.  We can be the light in someone else’s darkness. Even if they are a complete stranger.  We just have to put forth the effort.


If you take the time to connect with others, most likely they will take the time to connect with you.  We all have something to say, and we all want our voices to be heard.  Take the time to read other blogs.  Like them if you think they are great, and leave comments  if you can relate.  Let someone know that you “hear them.”  Maybe you will learn something, or maybe they will learn from you.  We shouldn’t only blog to teach, we should blog so we can learn as well.


There are literally thousands of creative souls in this blogging universe.  I can’t believe  how many talented people exist here.  Artists, poets, photographers and writers. There are chefs, bakers, even fitness fanatics.  So many people here follow their dreams.  It is a world of motivation.  I love the way blogging boosts confidence.  If you are brave enough to share your passions with the people here, they will notice.


There really are people here that actually care.  They can genuinely relate to you, and they want to read your story.  They will hear what you have to say, and they will pay attention.  They will offer insight, and even give advice.  They will praise your work, and they will make you feel like what you are doing is important, because it is.  The pages we write and each tale we tell means something.  It doesn’t matter what path you are on, you can bet there is someone here who wants to walk with you, and that is beautiful.


78 thoughts on “What I Have Learned My First Week As A Blogger

  1. I so agree with everyone of those points. I strongly feel each one of us has our own share of problems and struggles to deal with. Blogging is definitely a community where you get what you give. You have to come out of your shell and stick your head out, meet others, for them to repay the favor. And, yes, It’s surprising to see how others inspire you. I doubt if I have been able to inspire others. 🙂 Thanks for the follow. Value the faith you put in me. 🙂

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  2. I love this! I’m also in my first week of blogging and you’ve summed it up perfectly. It’s a community, not just of great writers but people sharing genuine experiences. Looking forward to catching up on your previous posts & seeing what’s to come in future!

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  3. This is s great post. You have written well and captured the “flavour” of this blogging community beautifully. I totally agree – there are some really supportive (and wise) people out there and, like you, I feel proud to have their support & encouragement. But I think the best gift I’ve received from blogging is the sense of connectedness with others, the sense that someone else understands how we’re feeling and let’s us know. You’re right, it’s a community that’s like its own village (if that makes sense!)

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  4. I agree and the talent out there is truly amazing. Imagine what the world would be like if CREATIVITY and TALENT were what was important, rather than numbers, forms, institutions, dogma, war and violence. That would be so wonderful:)

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  5. I really enjoyed your post! This is my first week blogging and I had similar thoughts. I expected to write a blog and people would read. What I did not expect was the connections I would form with other bloggers and how amazed by all their talents I would be. Good luck on your journey!

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  6. So glad you started blogging! I’ve recently got back into the practice of blogging and you are so right. It is a community. And one that really cares. We are indeed all fighting hard battles. Great reminders as we go about our days to be kind to one another.

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  7. Lifebeyondmommy is a great idea and an important one too. All we mums need some down-time, some non-mommy time and we need to continue to grow as individuals as well as mums. Great blog! Love this post (you couldn’t have said it better!). Here’s to all that life (and motherhood) has to offer!!!

    PS: 4 kids!!! And time to blog?! Superwoman, you!;)

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  8. I agree with everything you have said. I began blogging a couple years back, but I never liked what I used to blog about so I just kept deleting my blogs.. Now I settled with this one that I have. Looking through all the posts you have made so far is amazing. It gives me faith and allows me to continue my blog. I am only a week into blogging and I love this journey. In addition, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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